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Scientific research of the past decades shows that in the educational systems of different countries in the world including Lithuania, there has been going on a significant shift from teaching to learning in certain subjects, from analysis of the teaching process to analysis of the learning process, from focal role of the teacher in the galimybių analizės pamokos of teaching to focal role of the learner in the process of learning.

The aim of the research was to explore using the potential of the collaborative learning for teaching technologies. The problems arising to teachers while using the methods of collaborative learning were also discussed.

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The research was made in For testing the pupils knowledge, tests were used. Using the interview method, 11 teachers of technologies from Marijampolė town and district were questioned.

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Having used the interview method, it was found that all the respondents both know and use methods of collaborative learning, and the most common problems arising using the methods of collaborative learning are preparation for work, which is time-consuming, and evaluating the students objectively when assessing with marks, which is very complicated.

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