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We need to know in order to predict what comes next. Going back towe know for a fact that the whole world with a few exceptions absolutely believed that Hillary would win the Presidential election in a landslide! This belief was shared by Putin and the Russian government.

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Their meddling in the election was davos prekybos axay on this fact. They did not believe that Donald Trump would win.


If they did, they would have exhibited much more insight than our mainstream media, but they did not. Since Moscow could not do this openly, they needed to raise up the challenger Donald Trump, at the expense of Hillary. Easy enough to do!

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With all the scandals surrounding her, Hillary made their job easy and the media, anxious for click bait, was happy to cover Trump for free. Because in their infinite wisdom, they believed that Trump davos prekybos axay be the easiest candidate for Hillary to beat.

With all this going on, Putin was very happy with the idea of Hillary being President.

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She had given him control of Uranium One. She had let Russian companies share in US technology secrets.

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Putin indirectly contributed money to the Clinton Foundation. Hillary was able to park her campaign staff there before the election in order to have them available to her for the election. Her husband had given speeches in Moscow for hundreds of thousands of dollars. Speeches in Moscow — probably, some Kompromat occurred there also. This does not work.

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So, he needs to destroy Trump, because he is much more dangerous than Hillary. The result is a country being torn apart. Obama is in the White House. He had tons of loyal people to draw from for his Staff. They are either bewitched by his charisma, his hate of the US ideology, or are they foreign agents?

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I understand your message about space. After my election I will have more flexibility.

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I will transmit this information to Vladimir, and I stand with you. What other things were agreed upon? Obama and Hillary were of one mind with Putin on the need to work together.

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Obama supported Hillary, campaigned with her, and endorsed her. I do not believe, that she would have gone against her sponsor. Any major attention to Russian Election meddling in the election was down played until after Trump was elected, then all hell broke loose.

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Obama did nothing as long as he believed Hillary would win! There was no need to muddy the waters.

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Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump. Does anything Trump do vis-à-vis Russia and Putin suggest that Putin has anything on him? Trump builds up the US military, gives lethal weapons to Ukraine, gets low oil prices thereby improving the US economy, places sanctions on Russia, breaks with Cuba, places sanctions on Venezuela, gets NATO to pony up more money for defense, puts tariffs on China, increase in NATO funding and memberships, and cancels treaties davos prekybos axay Russia refuses to comply with.

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Do any of these things help Putin? Obama withdrew US forces from Europe — to include all tank units, cut and ran in Iraq, announced withdrawal from Afghanistan, got US into deeper debt, slow walked the US economy, and spent all kinds of money on his political allies. Banks and business were forced into bankrolling far left organizations instead of facing criminal charges.

Barac Obama We need to remember who staffed the Deep State. Brennan voted for a Communist for President.

How did he pass any sort of background check? Clapper proved himself a dubious leader when he perjured himself!

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